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Crosby-Ironton receives grant from Muscle Milk

By Muscle Milk, 09/24/12, 4:24PM CDT


Football program purchases new home and away jerseys

Credit: Anthony Anderson

Times are tough for many athletic departments in the area. The costs that come with new equipment, field maintenance or transportation add up quickly. In Crosby-Ironton High School’s case, it meant no new uniforms for the junior high football program.
“They had always received the hand-me-downs from the upper levels – mixed styles, no matching numbers, sizes that weren’t appropriate for junior players, etc.,” varsity football head coach Mike Gindorff said. “Muscle Milk changed that.”
Last year, Crosby-Ironton was chosen out of 66 Minnesota football programs who applied for a $2,500 grant from Muscle Milk. It’s provided financial relief and a morale boost.
“It allowed us to purchase home and away jerseys without having to sacrifice something else in our program,” Gindorff said. “This is helping us build Crosby-Ironton football enthusiasm and passion from the ground up. The younger kids’ faces lit up when the new jerseys showed up.”
Sacrifices are being made everywhere, but with the help of a little grassroots fundraising and grant programs like this, high school teams can avoid making drastic cuts.
“The biggest thing has been in the increase of participation fees and the decrease in or stagnation of supply budgets,” Gindorff said. “Our school district, sports boosters and community have really stepped up to fill the needs where they have appeared.  We also do a lot of fundraising in all sports to help make ends meet. The added boost from Muscle Milk is huge.”
The Crosby-Ironton story is just one example of how Muscle Milk is investing in young people across America. Schools now have another chance to acquire some additional funding with this year’s campaign. The 2012 Muscle Milk Recovery Grant Program will provide up to $250,000 in grants, including a max of $25,000 per school, to help rebuild and revitalize high school athletic programs around the country.
“High school athletic programs are critical to the overall development of student-athletes, and we are dedicated to helping them succeed,” said Nikki Brown, the chief marketing officer at CytoSport, which produces Muscle Milk. “The Muscle Milk Recovery Grant Program is a great way we can provide financial resources to programs in need in local communities around the country.”
Submissions for high school programs are being accepted on the Muscle Milk Facebook page from now until November 30, 2012. The application form is quick, easy and user friendly.
Applicants must be at least 14 years old and can nominate the high school of their choice on Facebook. The candidates must include a written statement detailing their athletic program’s needs while submitting photos that support their request. Folks will also be able to upload a video link if they choose to.
The grant award winners will be selected this January. 


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